Joshua tree, ca
35mm — 08.12.2020
A results-driven designer from Melbourne, Australia, now living in California, who’s spent the last 10+ years helping create thoughtful digital products and experiences across TV, web, mobile, and tablet.
Whether it’s partnering with new teams, workshopping ideas, or mentoring other designers, a collaborative and team-first philosophy always remains central. Above all, I approach everything with a growth mindset, always looking for the next opportunity to learn.
Specializing in bringing ideas to life through prototyping, visual design, and UI systems — along with strategic thinking grounded in a user-centered approach and the endless insights on human behavior and perception from cognitive and behavioral sciences.
Comcast (Xfinity entertainment)
Design Lead + Manager  ·  2022–Now
Comcast (
Design Lead  ·  2018–2022
Arkade agency
Senior Designer  ·  2013–2018
Designer  ·  2012–2013
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