Xfinity Internet is the marquee product for Xfinity. I was tasked with redesigning the Internet learn page as part of the wider rebranding effort.




Senior Designer


UX · Visual · 3D · Motion

The Challenge

Business goals
Highlight 3 paths to internet: Bring your own equipment, xFi (includes modem + router), xFi Complete (unlimited).
Highlight the value of Xfinity equipment and that our internet service will grant access to additional products like Flex and Xfinity Mobile.
Converting content on key pages to be CMS-driven.
The way we allow our internet customers to learn and shop on our site hasn’t historically aligned with expectations, making it difficult and time consuming.
Today’s components are too rigid and difficult to customize, making it time consuming and costly to address our evolving content needs.

Home base for discovery

Discover + Define
Delaying intuition until the problem is understood continues to be the most effective method. This is the moment during a project when having good questions is far more useful than good solutions.
This project, like many others started with an explosion of questions, assumptions, existing research, stakeholder interviewing, and knowledge sharing.
This space made it easy to share and sharpen our focus.

Constructing a narrative

Partnering with copywriting and research to construct the page narrative using story frames. This helped communicate page priority and flow early in the project.

Feature exploration

Internet speed options
The feature that answers the question; “What internet speeds and prices are available?”
Versions of this feature have always been the most engaged component on the page. It's where a user can align their budget needs with the household's needs.
Help me decide
We have a lot of users making a speed purchase decision who aren't primed with a what speeds might be suitable for them. This step is designed to simply that decision.
Comparison chart
This feature was crucial for our users to breakdown each of our offerings and their benefits.

We saw the following results for customers that came through the redesigned internet page


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in average order value


Increase in add to cart rate


Decrease in exit rate