collage of design patterns and system elements for the redesign

Xfinity would undergo its most significant rebrand to date, aimed to inject new meaning, energy and color into the brand. was to become the first consumer touchpoint to unveil the new look for the launch of the 2021 Olympics.




Senior Designer


UX · Visual · 3D · Motion · Art Direction


Areas of focus

Business goals
Interpret and influence how the new brand direction will come to life on
Work with brand to establish a system that will scale across all touch points.
Deliver across 4 key pages to co-inside with the 2020 Olympics.
Existing components were far too limiting to support the needs of marketing and content creation teams. New campaigns and content updates would require too much development effort from template and component deviations.
Today’s brand is lacks energy and expression

Establishing areas of discovery

Subjective visual research
Partnering with research, we shared imagery with users to gauge the reactions. Looking at subjective preferences and general usefulness.
Identify asset needs
Discovering our asset needs by documenting the spectrum of where brand needs to play a key role, vs where it should take a back seat.
Showcase a brand direction
To visually synthesize the look and feel of the brand across different parts of our experience.
spectrum from functional to situation to expressive illustrating the varying types of content needed for the site

Using style boards to develop brand feel

Discover + Define


Commanding attention through color, movement and type.


Neutral scenes designed to resonate with users.


Using colors, movement and iconography to guide and assist.
*Certain imagery referenced by Xfinity was utilized solely for inspirational purposes and not for reproduction or direct application in our work.

I introduced a new brand font

Our primary brand font (Xfinity Brown) needed a comfortable pairing. Xfinity Brown itself wasn't a readable typeface at smaller lengthy paragraph sizes. And our previous brand font (Xfinity Standard) was a neo-humanist style that did not compliment our distinctive geometric sans.
DM Sans is a google font that not only met our style and readability needs, it also met budget needs.
This secondary font would later be rolled out across all brand touch points
comparing old typeface pairing with the new with additional DM Sans in use
Design system snipped of the type scale used

Visual assets

During the times our team didn't have an ideal asset to communicate the right message or tone, I was able to create unique assets to assist and re-enforce a particular messages. Ultimately helping extend the brand across all lines of business.